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    annie's free range map of areas
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        Egg Grading

        Our eggs are candled and graded before sale.  These eggs have passed over the candling light and will soon be stamped and graded into size.

        The grader in this picture is quite small but it does the job!

        Looking after chooks

        Our dogs and the chooks

        Our dogs look after our chooks - with a bit of time off to play! Gyp recently died at 14 years old, and we now have a new pup, Tippy, who’s learning about chickens from Belle!

        Our chooks are not at all afraid of the dogs and have even been known to walk over the dogs if they are lying down!

        annie's free range chooks range around the farm in Victoria

        Our chooks

        Our chooks feed when they choose, and they can come and go  as they please out of the shed (after it is open) where their feed and water is kept. They also lay their eggs and roost in the shed. There is plenty of shelter and shade for them under the trees and in another three-sided shed.

        Over the years, we’ve learnt that every chook is different!  They form their groups but the groups go to different areas of the farm.  Most stay in the shed when it is raining but even then some will venture out.     

        annie's free range fresh eggs on tray

        Fresh free range eggs

        As a leading free range egg supplier in South Gippsland, we work hard day in and day out to give our customers a quality product. We usually have our eggs available in the following sizes:
        • 600g eggs in cartons and on trays • 700g eggs in cartons and on trays
        • 800g eggs in cartons and on trays

        We also supply 500g eggs and 850g eggs when they are available, depending on the age of the chicken.

        To learn more about Annie’s Free Range and our eggs,
        call us today on 03 5683 2305 or 0427 887 407 for more information!

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