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    Free range eggs from a South Gippsland farm

    At Annie's Free Range, we provide free range eggs across South Gippsland, Phillip Island, Warragul, Yarram, Melbourne and places in between. We specialise in providing restaurants and shops with our fresh free range eggs.  They are available in a variety of sizes in both cartons and catering packs. With years of experience and egg farming know-how, we aim to provide quality free range eggs to each and every single one of our customers.

    Our eggs and hens

    We provide a variety of different sized eggs from our free range farm. You can buy eggs in cartons, alone or on trays in catering packs for food service businesses. At Annie's Free Range, we take great care for our chooks. They love to roam in our paddocks and dust bathe under the trees. We work hard to give our hens the best feed, water, and pasture available. They roam in the paddocks and rest under trees if they wish.

    About us

    Since 1993, our family-owned chook farm has built a reputation in South Gippsland as a leading free range egg business. With a deep knowledge of the egg industry and a passion for both chooks and good food, we offer excellent customer service with our great eggs. Not only do we work to provide our free range eggs but we are also active in our community and beyond.

    Contact us today on 03 5683 2305 or 0427 887 407 to purchase delicious free range eggs or for more information! 

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